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Top Residency and Fellowship Programming

At the Nxt Gen Institute we are evidence-affirmed, meaning our programs blend the best-available evidence with relevant clinical experiences from our expert faculty. This results in the highest-quality, transformative, post-professional experience that is accessible anytime, anywhere by anyone.
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Why Choose the Nxt Gen Institute?

We strive to offer the most affordable and accessible programs on the market, in an effort to advance the physical therapy profession

Flexible Payments

Our institution provides flexible payment plans to make specialization more accessible.

Virtual Mentoring

All of our programs integrate innovative solutions, such as virtual mentoring. 

Professional Network

Our students join a network of like-minded professionals to collaborate on research, business ventures, etc.

Highest Quality

We strive to create high-quality, evidence-affirmed content that can be translated to clinical practice.

What students are saying...

I've been a PTA for 16 years, primarily in SNFs and with pediatric therapy, so my manual therapy skills were rarely utilized.  Because of this course, I was able to successfully recognize a need for manual therapy and apply my knowledge, with a positive impact on the patient's pain and mobility. This course has been a much-needed review of prior knowledge, and has given me new skills to improve my clinical performance. 
Sarah Edgarton, pta
Between the OMPTA and OPTA course, you guys have definitely molded me into a more confident therapist. I have been doing this for 2 years now and this is the most confident I have been in my career. I have learned so much and have been utilizing all these tools!
Kristen mills, PTA
The Nxt Gen Institute is doing absolutely amazing things!  Through my professional development from Residency to Fellowship, I was able to advance career from simply a clinician to an academic and fellow.   
Jason Smith, PT, DPT