Orthopedic Residency Direct 

At the Nxt Gen Institute, we believe in providing evidence-affirmed education that is accessible at anytime, by anyone, from anywhere. With this mission in mind, we have re-imagined the possibilities for Orthopedic Residency.  By standardizing a completely virtual option (including virtual mentorship), we have solved for gaps that exist with traditional frameworks.   Our curriculum is modeled after the APTA DSP in Orthopedics.

Key Features:
  • Residency education for 1/2 the cost!
  • 100+ hours of Virtual mentoring with a board-certified OCS 
  • Streamlined, education that will prepare you for the OCS

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Starting date

1, 2023

Program Director

Jonathan Fass


11 Months



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About the program

Learn to how incorporate advanced Orthopedic knowledge and skills into your clinic practice.  *

Note: While this program follows the curriculum requirements set forth by ABPTRFE, we had to forgo accreditation in an effort to permit more programmatic flexibility for learners.

OCS-Prep Training

Our training is designed to provide PT's with a broad set of orthopedic therapy skills that can be incorporated into practice. 

Virtual Mentorship

You will partake in Nxt Gen's virtual mentorship model that includes peer-to-peer interactions and interactive video feedback.

100% Online

We have incorporated the top online learning tools to make this residency program the most accessible and affordable program of its kind...

Course Lessons


Dr. Fass is a driven and accomplished Board-Certified Clinical Specialist (Orthopaedics) with demonstrated experience in the delivery and management of individualized, patient centered care; for individuals across the lifespan with varying rehabilitative care needs. Highly sought after and reputable professional recognized by the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association for the effective treatment and management of complex regional pain syndrome in addition to recognition as a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists. Influential coach, educator, and mentor demonstrating an unwavering commitment to enhancing professional practice and delivery of exceptional patient care by offering evidence-based practices and quality instructional training to support holistic learning and professional competencies for practice.